Advantages of Hand Block Printing in India

Hand Block Printing Introduction:

Hand block printing has evolved as a simple way to do printing on cloth materials. It consists of basic and natural things for doing the printing on fabric. An eco-friendly approach is one of the major advantages of hand block printing. Most of the materials which are involved in printing work are eco-friendly.

It uses a woodblock printing process for stamping on the cloths. Those wooden blocks are made of hardwoods. Commonly used hardwood in this printing technique is teak. No other artificial tool is used for printing purposes. Hand block printing is totally based upon nature’s gift.  The tools used in this technique do not cause any harmful effects on the clothes as well as the person wearing them.

Another advantage of hand block printing is its easy availability in India. It is known by all that hand block printing was originated in the western part of India and due to this reason, hand block print is not hard to find in India. This print can easily be accessed anywhere in the country. But if special effects are required then Rajasthan and Gujarat are best known.

Benefits of Hand Block Printing

Clothing which has hand block prints on them is obtainable at inexpensive prices. The hand block prints are cheaper and pocket-friendly and this is one of the important advantages of hand block printing. It is not only made for a richer section of people but it can also be purchased by the common man as well. Hand block printing is not limited to India only. It has its wings spread over many other parts of the world. UK, China, Japan, Peru, etc are the places where this printing technique is used. It is quite famous amongst many fashion zones and various experiments are done in it in order to make it contemporary.

The prints which are created using different types of hand block printing techniques are vivacious and eye-catching. One of the important benefits of hand block prints is the versatility of colors. Many colors are available for a single design. This gives customers ample choices and he can choose whichever color suits his requirement.

Using hand block printing, large-scale production of cloth prints can be done. The pattern’s size can be produced in different ways each time by stamping the wooden blocks from various angles. The quality of the print and its texture are very graceful. People love such prints and hand block printing orders are given at a very large scale.

Hand block printing in India is done on cotton cloth. That type of cloth is cheap and can be found anywhere. Also in summers, people want to wear cotton clothes and due to this reason, hand block prints are always in demand. This process is praised because it doesn’t involve any machine to do the printing-related work. It only involves skilled artisans doing all the work thereby giving employment to many people.

The advantages of hand block printing are to such a large extent that it has become popular all over the world. It has made the way for itself to stand in the popular section of printing techniques after many efforts and risks.

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