Block printed cotton sarees

Block printed cotton sarees

India is a country with diversified culture. Different culture, food habit, languages are followed here and changes according to time. But saree is the only form of clothing that has had its significance for many years.  It is one of the favorite outfits for any lady to look gorgeous and also it reflects the traditional culture of our country. Different draping styles are to be followed in order to make the beauty of the dress more graceful. Among the various forms of sarees, the cotton saree is the most popular one. India is a good producer of cotton crops that is why found almost in every state of the country.


Cotton fabrics are the most preferred cloth as it is very comfortable to wear and lightweight for this summer season. That is why most women like to wear this fabric. It looks best when properly ironed and starched.  Whether you are wearing it for a traditional purpose or a casual, cotton printed sarees and suits all around. Cotton wears have their own elegance and also they protect our body from the extreme radiations of the sun and make us feel cool.

Cotton sarees are formed by the use of different colors of yarns in big power looms with an in-house team of skilled workmen. Different types of Printed Sarees like Batik printing, ancient style designs, bagru printing, block printing, tie and dye, etc. give more beauty to the look of cotton printed sarees.


Block Printed cotton sarees are designed by a process in which designs are printed on a cloth with the help of wooden blocks. In India mainly hand block printing is used for this purpose.  It is a little bit slow in comparison to other printing styles. Still, it is popular as its execution is too simple and accurate, clear and sharp. The blocks used for this purpose are usually made up of pane wood, pinewood, or pearwood with a smooth and flat surface. They are placed together on the fabric in order to give a perfect design. The fast colors used are either plane or sometimes taken from vegetables. But nowadays synthetic colored dyes are available which are in great use.

The designs are first drawn on the wooden platform with the use of a needle. After that, it is carved out by the use of a chisel and hammer on the cloth. The second method is to trace the fabric and then oil should be transferred on the flat surface of the blocks. When many colors are being used then individual tracings should be made for each block.  The line spacing in between them has an outline made up of copper or pieces of bronze to preserve the design from breakage.


These Block Printed Cotton sarees are very much famous in many parts of the country such as Rajasthan and many parts of Gujarat. In Rajasthan, Bagru as well as Sanganer are very much known for this technique. The images of fruits, trees, geometry-related design, some But is are engraved on the surface of the fabric such as chiffon, silk, or Georgette. You can buy the famous best Kota Doria Sarees online with varieties of colors and prints.

The cotton fabric is basically made by spinning the thread and then gathered in a pod with the help of a ginning machine. It helps in separating the seeds from the fiber which was invented in the year 1793 by Eli Whitney. The thread is then woven into a pure fabric. In addition to this manufacturers and mills are also given equal consideration. All spinners of yarn, different textile mills are required for obtaining the product of high quality.


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