Learn how to block print to create beautiful designs!

Learn how to Block Print: India is already known for its unique craftwork. One such art and craft is block printing. Block printing in India is mainly conducted in the states like Rajasthan and Gujarat. There are different kinds of printing that are conducted in India but Block printed designs are in such great demand […]

Different types of Printed Sarees

Different Types of Printed Sarees Printed sarees are the beloved things that are the favorite of each and every woman. Handblockprint.com offers different types of Printed sarees online to draw the attention of many women from all over the world. These sarees are made from various printing techniques, designs, and colors. Look at all these […]

Traditional Bagru Print Sarees and Salwar Kameez

About Bagru Printing  Bagru print came into existence a century ago in a village of Rajasthan, called Bagru. This unique bagru print fabric as Bagru Print Sarees and salwar kameez is an outcome of traditional craftsmen’s handwork that uses natural dye and hand block printing. Hand Blocks are wooden blocks with etched cavities filled with nature. […]

Different types of Textile Block Printing

Different types of Textile Block Printing The beauty of Indian Textile Block Printing is amazing using natural colors and is practiced in the country for more than 500 years. The art of Textile block printing is passed down from one generation to another one from many generations and they use traditional family plant-based recipes for […]

Hand block printing in India is an art!

What is Hand Block Printing? In India, every art is very distinctive from other places and the same is with block printing. People have been using distinctive measures and techniques for block printing. Hand block printing in India is the most preferred hand printing. With the changes in modern times block printing has made its […]

Difference between screen and hand block printing

Difference between screen and hand block printing Printing on fabric is done to make it look fashionable and for this different methods are applied. Block printing and screen printing are the most common techniques for printing designs on cloth. There are different varieties of printing techniques used to print designs on fabric. People generally do […]

Different types of block printing in India

Block printing Introduction Block printing is the art form that has turned out to be a great source for fashion in India. People in metropolitan cities like to wear clothes with embellished block print designs. Stunning designs for apparel and furnishings are designed which has created its increased demand all over the world. And due […]