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Blog about hand block printing process in India and online shopping of hand block printed saree, salwar suit, salwar kameez, kurits, and dress material.

Buy chanderi sarees bagru online from Hand Block Print

The outfit that always remains in fashion is saree. Any woman looks beautiful and graceful in a saree and this serves to be favorite for all ages. This wear is linked with a special sophistication that everyone likes. The wide assortment of sarees makes it easy to select the best one that serves to be […]

What is Block Printing?

What is Block Printing? The oldest type of printing which is in trend from many centuries is Block Printing. There are many evidences which show that block printing existed from 5th century but working on block printing started in 15th century. It is popular in all corner of the world but its roots are in […]

Hand Block Printing in Bagru, Jaipur

Hand Block Printing in Bagru

Hand Block Printing in Bagru Bagru is famous for its block printing and natural dyes. Bagru printing is more popular for its brilliant Eco-friendly feature. Hand block printing in Bagru, Jaipur and other places have always attracted people towards its naturalness and simplicity. Bagru is the native place of people who belong to the Chippa […]

Are you looking for Designer Block Print Sarees?

Designer Block Print Sarees

In India, sarees are proved to be very impressive wear for women since a long time.  It is basically an elongated piece of about yards 7 having no a single stitch on it. Several processes are carried out to weave a single saree by the use of multiple fast colours threads and then joined together […]

Learn how to block print to create beautiful designs!

Learn how to block print

Learn how to Block Print: India is already known for unique craft work. One such art and craft is block printing. Block printing in India is mainly conducted in the states like Rajasthan and Gujarat. There are different kinds of printing which are conducted in India but Block printed designs are in such great demand […]

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