Difference between screen and hand block printing

Difference between screen and hand block printing

Printing on fabric is done to make it look fashionable and for this different methods are applied. Block printing and screen printing are the most common techniques for printing designs on cloth. There are different varieties of printing techniques used to print designs on fabric. People generally do not know about the basic difference between the techniques like block printing and screen printing. Many of them consider them to be the same but there is a lot of difference between screen and hand block printing.

These two methods are very much different from each other but people get confused as they do not know the proper working pattern of these techniques.

One process is conventional and another is modern. Block printing is done from a very old time period while screen printing is a new entry as compared to block printing. The major difference between screen printing and hand block printing is the use of different tools to print on clothes. In hand block printing wooden blocks are used and screen printing uses a stencil to shift the designs on desired fabric.

The hand block printing method involves printing through the wooden blocks on which special patterns are engraved and then that wooden block is soaked into the oil over a fortnight. When soaking is done then the blocks are dipped into colors and then stamped on cloths to get designs in various colors. While in the screen printing method stencils are used to stamp the designs.  Fabrics like stretched silk and other fabrics are used for screen printing. Those fabrics are coated with paints only in the areas which are not blocked using stencils.


The use of screen printing gives regular-looking prints. Its prints are very clean and cheaper also. But in hand block printing different prints are generated as the stamping method is used. Block printing is considered the most artistic, simplest, and earliest technique for printing. In this process, time is consumed and efforts are more as for printing of distinct colors different wooden blocks would be used. This consumes time and makes it slower than the screen printing method. Also, there is a risk involved in cutting wood and then carving designs on them.

Another difference between screen and hand block printing is the risk of breakdown of wooden blocks which are used in printing. If such things happen then the creation of a new wooden block will take a lot of time but screen printing machines are used and bringing new machines will not take that much time. In screen printing, the woven mesh is used to assist stencil that has the feature of ink-blocking. Then stencils that are attached transfer printable material and inks which are then pressed to get the sharp image.

Hand block printing is difficult as compared to the screen printing method and time-consuming as well but there are many designs that are very unique in hand block printing. Also, there is a remarkable distinction in the look and texture of the designs of the two methods of printing. Know about the Different Types of Block Printing to make it more clear.

Results of both the printing techniques are different from each other as there is a number of differences between screen and hand block printing method. It totally depends on the choice of people and which print they want to wear.

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