Different types of Printed Sarees

Different Types of Printed Sarees

Printed sarees are the beloved things that are the favorite of each and every woman. Handblockprint.com offers different types of Printed sarees online to draw the attention of many women from all over the world. These sarees are made from various printing techniques, designs, and colors. Look at all these types of Printed Sarees with their catchy print and unique creative patterns.

Hand Block Printed Sarees

Hand block print saree gives a spectacular effect on various traditional events and occasions.

Bagru Print Cotton Sarees

Bagru block print sarees are made from the dye using wooden blocks and are celebrated all over the world for their modesty and simple sophistication.

Bandhani Print sarees

It is one of the most popular Indian printed saree. Bandhani word originated from the Sanskrit word ‘Bandha’ which means ‘to tie’. The most common manufacturing centers available in India are Rajasthan, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, and Punjab.

Batik Print Saree

Batik print sarees are being manufactured since ancient times using tie and dye techniques. These types of sarees are known for their floral ideas and grimy pigment along with the more vivid colors.


Dabu Print Sarees

Dabu print sarees are manufactured using mud resist printing techniques in Rajasthan. This type of saree is made from a huge passion using the natural process with the love of hand-printed techniques.

Kalamkari Cotton Sarees

kalamkari sarees are the beauty of block printing. Basically, the meaning of kalamkari is “An art using pen”. kalamkari cotton sarees are so unique and easily searchable in the crowd.

Sanganeri Print Sarees

Sanganeri sarees are manufactured in the Sanganer, Jaipur which is popularly known as the hub for hand block printing textiles.

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