Hand block printing in India is an art!

What is Hand Block Printing?

In India, every art is very distinctive from other places and the same is with block printing. People have been using distinctive measures and techniques for block printing. Hand block printing in India is the most preferred hand printing. With the changes in modern times block printing has made its existence by exporting huge lot block printed garments across the globe. People all over the world like wearing such types of clothes or using block printed furnishings in their homes. The design created by block printing reflects the Indian culture and art.

Process of Block Printing in India

Hand block printing in India requires a lot of effort by hand thus it involves intricate working by craftsmen. Designs are crafted on wooden blocks. For every different design, a different block is used. The wooden blocks which are used are made of teak. The blocks are kept immersed in oil for 10 to 15 days so that it gets softer which further gives a good impression on the fabric when dipped in the dye for the block print design.

The size of these wooden blocks depends on the size of the motif or design pattern. It consists of the handle which allows the craftsmen to hold it in a proper way and the force is also applied with proper and equal pressure. The dyes which are used in block printing can be either natural or synthetic dyes depending on the industry requirement. The colors which are utilized for printing are checked for their fastness before its application and the color combinations are made in reference to the design evolved.

Hand bock printing is done with complete dedication by craftsmen and artisans. They make sure that every design created is clear and uniform. There are other techniques also which are followed for printing like resist printing and discharge printing other than regular block printing.

The production of hand block printing in India is performed at a large scale. States like Rajasthan, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, and West Bengal. In Rajasthan, you will mostly see the prints like Sanganeri print and Bagru print. The point of difference between the two is their background color. Sanganeri prints are designed on fabric with a background of white whereas Bagru prints are created on fabrics with a red and black color background generally.

Hand block printing in India even differs from one region to another regions. The difference is noticeable from western parts to the regions in eastern parts. In eastern parts, the designs are more enhanced with larger and bolder prints whereas in western the prints are comparatively fine. The most famous ones which demand are Ajarakh and Lepakshi. The best feature which is involved in bock printing is that there can be enormous variations made in a single motif.

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