Kota Doria Sarees

Kota Doria Sarees

The city Kota was formed by the ruler Rao Madho Singh in the year 1631 A.D. The city is famous for its lavish palaces, remarkable forts, and grand temples which all are reflecting the ancient culture in contrast to the modern world. The sarees from Kota are also known by the name Masuria Malmal. The word Masuria is used as they were basically originated from the state of Mysore by a Mughal Army General named Rao Kishore Singh who brought weavers to this city in the late 17th and 18th centuries. After, this form of saree is known as ‘Kota – Masuria’.  They are also popularly known as Kota Doria sarees in the outer world as they are made up of thread which means ‘Doria’.

The women who are very much enthusiast about sarees have the hobby of having at least one pair of saree from each state of India. There are several states that have at least one special form of sari which is popular all over the country. In the state of Rajasthan which resembles desert; the printed Kota sarees have their own status. The fabric which is used in the making of this derives its name from the city itself. Many factories are there in the interior and exterior of the city Kota.

A transparent fabric basically a mixture of cotton-silk is used for the weaving of it. The cotton which is used provides power while the silk gives it a transparent look. The lack of regularity in the weaving of it provides the graph–like pattern. These graph-like patterns formed thickness to the fibers which were highly visible. These check shape-like patterns are collectively known as Khat. Various other similar patterns are used for the weaving of this kind of sari. This pattern of sarees is mostly worn in the month of summer in order to get a release from the heat of extensive summers.

The design of this saree is so made which gives them a feeling of very low weight.  The whole process of spinning, dyeing, and weaving cloth is done by ht in-house team of skilled workmen. In this process, white is taken to be the base color which is later dyed by the use of fast multi colors which requires complete knowledge of the color combining method.


This special type of Kota Doria sarees has been sold with matching designer blouses and are available in 3 major forms are Printed sarees, Plain saree, and Zari sarees.

These printed Kota sarees are widely popular from the very old period and worn by a large number of females in the country too irrespective of all the religions and castes. It proved to be the trendiest dress for modern times. Nowadays they come in all ranges of price starting from hundreds to thousands depending on the artwork.

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