Learn how to block print to create beautiful designs!

Learn how to Block Print:

India is already known for unique craft work. One such art and craft is block printing. Block printing in India is mainly conducted in the states like Rajasthan and Gujarat. There are different kinds of printing which are conducted in India but Block printed designs are in such great demand that more and more industries want to learn how to block print designs for their textiles.

Block printing in places like Bagru, Sanganer, Pethapur, Farukabad and Ahemdabad are conducted at large scale. This block printing is done by hands using wooden blocks which are dipped in dyes and then are used to leave impression on the fabric which further turns out to be a beautiful design. The designs are colorful and are enriched with beauty. Earlier in the olden days the designs were filled with dyes made up of natural substances but now it is not so. There are few industries which use natural dyes. Now in the modern times industry people uses synthetic dyes as it is does not increases the cost of production. The common colors which are used for dyeing are yellow blue, saffron and red. The main thing which is needed for printing is the wooden block, which has design crafted on it. These blocks are made up of teak wood. Skilled craftsmen engrave astonishing designs on the wooden block which when printed on the fabric gives embellished designs.

To learn how to block print it is important to know that substances which are used in printing like the fabric, wooden block and dyes are to be taken utmost care of. Wooden blocks are to be dipped in the oil for minimum of 10 to 15 days before its usage so that it gains softness which is necessary for a good impression of design on the fabric. These blocks even consist of handles which make them easy to hold. If we talk about the dyes then, they should be friendly to our skin, because if the designs are created for clothes it should not harm the skin. Therefore, organisations use different types of Textile block printing services to create the beautiful designs on fabric.

If you want to go for block printing process then you need to perform the needful. There are few processes which are conducted:

Bleaching process: The fabric on which the design is to be printed should be soaked in a mixture of soda ash, cow dung, sesame oil and water. This will enhance the absorbing quality of fabric and the dye will be absorbed properly.

Yellowing process: After completion of bleaching process the fabric is dipped for soaking in the solution which gives it a yellowish tinge.

Block printing: The wooden block is first dipped in black ink to create an outline and then further other colors are added to the design. Black ink is made by a mixture of sticky molasses, scrap iron which is obtained from horseshoes, glue and water.

Hand Block printing

Removal of glue: The glue which was part of black ink is removed by washing the fabric in water. It needs to be washed very carefully and once the cloth is washed it is left for drying and the fabric is ready with the block printed designs on them.

The above mentioned information will surely help you to learn how to block print and you can be a part of beautiful art.