Traditional Bagru Print Sarees and Salwar Kameez

About Bagru Printing 

Bagru print came into existence a century ago in a village of Rajasthan, called Bagru. This unique bagru print fabric as Bagru Print Sarees and salwar kameez is an outcome of traditional craftsmen’s handwork that uses natural dye and hand block printing. Hand Blocks are wooden blocks with etched cavities filled with nature. This flat hand block is pressed hard on fabric in the resulting fabric gets imprinted.

Bagru Printing Process and Technique

The desired length of cotton cloth is cut for coloring and hand block printing. Bagru print is imprinted on fabric according to the demand. This unique hand block printing in India is based on the material of the fabric. Usually, Bagru Print cotton sarees, bedspreads, and salwar kameez are more often preferred for such prints. After taking the measurement of fabric, the printing and dyeing process then begins. Later this process includes various tasks such as soaking and pre-washing of fabric for several hours. Pre-wash will let dirt and other contaminants separate out.

The most important process is when the fabric is also imbued with the solution of the fruit of the myrobalan plant also known as Harda (Terminalia Chebula) which gives a yellowish hue to the fabric after drying it under the sun. The process described above is most important in Bagru hand printing. This process also helps the dye to last long when applied to the fabric.

Color extracted from different plants and animals are long-lasting and suitable for Bagru print. The final process is block printing. Blocks used in Bagru Print are wooden blocks engraved with different prints, which in result when stamped on cloth give traditional and unique design famously known as Bagru print.

Bagru Print Sarees and Salwar kameez are very comfortable and use eco-friendly dye. The blue color from Indigo and various shades of blue could be generated by diluting Indigo in water. A combination of Indigo and Pomegranate gives Green color. While yellow and Red are obtained from turmeric and Madder roots respectively. When the fabric is completely colored and blocks printed, it is then plunged into the large utensil filled with boiling water containing alum and other agents.  The solution in the utensil is constantly stirred in order to prevent the solution to stick to the utensil. The final desired product is obtained when excess color and other impurities from the fabric are removed and washed off properly.



Bagru print is usually found on ethnic wearables such as Bagru Print Sarees and Salwar kameez. These printed sarees and salwar kameez reflect floral prints, various geometrical and abstract designs in a very traditional form. Block printing on Bagru sarees and Salwar kameez is done on ivory, off-white and beige background. This unique design is available on different fabrics such as crepe, chiffon, silk, georgette, and cotton. Such a huge range of fabric is enough to make your wardrobe a perfect one.  The motif on bagru Print sarees and bagru Print salwar kameez are usually inspired by various floral designs, fruits, and birds. South handloom cotton handwoven sarees ordinarily Bagru printed with a zari border. Bagru Print cotton sarees and Bagru Print cotton salwar kameez are fancy, unique, and traditional. These sarees are stylish, trendy, and also good for office work. Bagru print sarees and salwar kameez are available in the garden variety of fabric other than cottons such as silk georgette, wedding tussar silk, organza, gicha, jute, and dupion.

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